Top 10 Tips to Help You Pass Your Driving Test


Don't assume the cheapest lessons are the best, concentrate on getting great value for your money. You should get a discount for block bookings, ask about offers on post-test tuition for motorway driving


Check out how long a lesson really is - some driving schools only give 50 minutes lessons or pick up and drop off other pupils on your lesson time


**Make sure your instructor has a green badge in the windscreen to prove they are a fully qualified driving standards agency instructor - a pink licence means the instructor is a trainee and has no formal qualifications to teach you to drive


Check that the car you'll drive has dual controls and is in good condition


Check that instructor can help with your theory test


Make sure your instructor keeps records of your progress and follows the official driving standards agency syllabus


Make sure your instructor tells you to start learning your theory from day one of lessons


Agree with your instructor when to apply for your practical test


Take at least an hour a week preferably two of regular lessons with a qualified instructor, they will advise you on how much tuition you should need


Make sure your tuition car is available for a final lesson immediately before your test

Approved Driving Instructor Badge

This picture is an "Approved Driving Instructor" (ADI) badge. This means an instructor is fully qualified.

Potential Driving Instructor (PDI)

This picture is a "Potential driving instructor" (PDI). This means an instructor is not qualified or approved.

**We don’t use trainee instructors

Anyone can teach as an instructor for 6 months on a trainee licence and due to the credit crunch there are now more trainee instructors than ever. For every trainee a school has it can earn up to £400 a week out of their wages so they just take on anybody off the street and let them teach. You get used as a guinea pig for them to practice on and they’re more interested in training to pass their tests, not helping you pass yours.

Official figures show that trainees have less passes, more accidents and 70% of them quit or fail exams within 6 months, leaving you hundreds of pounds out of pocket and in a total mess from all the rubbish you’ve been taught.

Always ask to see your driving instructors badge and check their photo. If they have no badge then they are probably one of the growing number of illegal instructors meaning that you won’t be insured to drive their car and face prosecution and a driving ban yourself if caught.

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